Making Contour even sexier

Note: this post is over a year old, it's very likely completely outdated and should probably not be used as reference any more. You have been warned. :-)

So Contour for Umbraco is really, really cool, that much is for sure!

But.. Styling forms is really hard! You have to hack a lot of CSS to make a moderately sexy looking form.

I am not a frontend developer so this usually ends badly. In fact, up until now, I've not used Contour for a lot of sites because the form styling was so difficult to do. For example, how would you do something a little different looking, like this:


This is all changing. I recently released the RestContour package, that lets you post from any form into Contour. Currently I'm working on making this very very easy to use, and make it look sexy in the process. I've used the RestContour package for an upcoming website and have made it even better. Now you can just use any old HTML form easily and make it into a Contour form, validation and all, with very little effort.

Check out the video below:

You can download this version of the RestContour package from the project page ( and the source (Cultiv.RestContour.7z) is also available.

Sebastiaan Janssen

Dutch guy living in (and loving) Copenhagen, working at Umbraco HQ. Lifehacker, skeptic, music lover, cyclist, developer.


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Avatar for Will Will | April 23 2013 05:49
Thanks for the great plugin.
I'm using it for a project now.

Avatar for Jeroen Breuer Jeroen Breuer | November 19 2010 14:29
Very interesting! I've never used contour before because I'd like to have full control over the form styling. I've always build forms with a usercontrol in combination with my own package ( Now this seems like a nice alternative :).


Avatar for Mansoor Mansoor | June 17 2013 07:39
Nice article