Screencast: Installing Umbraco

Screencast: Installing Umbraco
Note: this post is over a year old, it's very likely completely outdated and should probably not be used as reference any more. You have been warned. :-)

Rather than making a long post with a lot of images, I decided to do something new for this post: a nice little 6 minute screencast!

It's just a quick run through of how I create a new Umbraco installs on my dev machines. It's easy!

I noticed after the recording that I didn't change the path for the database files. During the creation of the new database, you can easily change the path of where the database files are stored here (buttons marked yellow):




I tend to mumble a little, I'll work on that for future screencasts (also, I didn't shave, sorry). ;-)

Hopefully this will help some people setting up their Umbraco install manually.

Sebastiaan Janssen

Dutch guy living in (and loving) Copenhagen, working at Umbraco HQ. Lifehacker, skeptic, music lover, cyclist, developer.


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Avatar for Chris Houston Chris Houston | February 1 2010 00:34
Nice video Sebastiaan,

I am sure there will be a lot of new people out there who will find this useful, I know I would have done when I first started out with Umbraco :)

What software did you use to make your screencast?



Avatar for Sebastiaan Janssen Sebastiaan Janssen | February 1 2010 00:40
Thanks Chris.

I used ScreenToaster. It's a bit wonky and I had to do a retake because the sound stopped recording halfway through. But it's nice and free and doesn't require any software installed.

I also like the picture in picture effect, seeing someone's talking adds a lot to a screencast IMO.

Avatar for Lee Lee | February 1 2010 07:08
Awesome Sebastiaan, I was thinking about doing the same thing :) Great minds think a like! (Or is it fools never differ .. lol) - Anyway this will be great for people starting out :) Top job

Avatar for Nik Wahlberg Nik Wahlberg | February 2 2010 18:59
Nice! I've seen a lot of people asking "where to get started". This will be a bookmark to send them to!


Avatar for Rob Rob | May 27 2011 15:00
thanks for this, only picked umbraco up today and now I am started thanks to you!

Avatar for Curt Curt | August 22 2011 09:49
After looking at this screencast I can see why people use Wordpress.

Also my volume is up 100% and I still can't make out a single work you're mumbling, or read anything on that little video.

Avatar for Josh Josh | February 11 2012 17:57
Nice video. I've followed your process and it works fine for my installation, but with one issue. The images are apparently assigned incorrect paths throughout the installation wizard and on the umbraco backend once installed.

Any thoughts on how to resolve that?

I am running iis7 sql server express on windows7.

Avatar for Kim Kim | April 15 2012 18:15
Volume is low, can't hear well. Can you please raise the volume.

Avatar for Sebastiaan Janssen Sebastiaan Janssen | April 15 2012 19:11
Nope, can't change it any more, sorry. Use headphones.

Avatar for Ajay Ajay | July 19 2012 15:44
Hi Sebastian,
The video is excellent and comes across easy but for some strange reason I cannot get Umbraco working. I have copied the download v4.8 from codeplex, extracted and pointed a new website (in IIS 7.0 running Windows 7) to the extracted folder but I am getting 'Page cannot be displayed error'. I have not changed anything on the Web.config file and I have not set anything on my local SQL Server. From this vague details, it would be good if you can help me resolve this issue since I do not want to give up using Umbraco althought I have been almost 2 days trying to set this up.
Thanks for your help.

Avatar for Ajay Ajay | July 20 2012 10:37
Hi Sebastiaan,
I have resolved the previous problem. Your instructions on the other link did the trick.

Avatar for Deepak Deepak | February 26 2013 11:17
I'm also facing the same problem, is there any solution?

Avatar for Nicolai M Nicolai M | November 26 2012 12:10
I hope I get my message across:
I have no problem setting up Umbraco site as new web site on IIS (let's call it websiteA). The problem for me is getting a copy of this websiteA folder working when I copy it to root of another site and make it an application. http://websiteB/copyOfWebsiteAfolder
I did make sure correct appPool, permissions, etc. What I'm left with is resolving of URL not working. Like CSS, images (like /images/logo.png, not talking about the media folder).
So please - another answer than cause that doesn't work.

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